I’ve finally decided it’s time to be a big boy and learn more about service workers. Something I should have done a long time ago. So if your like me and have been putting off this new technology, just go for it. Get your hands dirty and add a little Service Worker magic to our projects.

Service Workers? WTF?

Service workers are a new technology to aid developers in:

  • creating realistic, reliable offline experiences
  • vastly improving performance when online
  • logically and dynamically caching files for any purpose

Service workers allow us to do things on the web that have typically been reserved for native apps. They’ll help us deliver a rich offline experience, schedule reliable background syncs, even handle push notifications. Super neat things.

Resources to get going

If you’re ready to dive in, do youself a favor and dedicate a few hours to simply LEARN before you try to do something snazzy. Get yourself a nice, round understanding of how service workers fit into the web as a whole, and how they can make your project better. ServiceWorker Cookbook, html5rocks and mozilla all have some extremelty helpful resources that should get you headed in the right direction fast.

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